Outlook Center

Manage your tasks and emails in Outlook

Kai's Outlook Center allows you to view all the contacts, tasks, notes, emails and other data in your Pocket PC's Outlook client. Using 'tree' structures, you're offered 12 different views including daily, weekly, monthly and yearly view, contacts, tasks, birthdays, notes, eMail, timer and more.

Some of Outlook Center's main features include:

  • creating, editing and deleting of appointments, tasks, contacts and notes
  • start of the most important programs (timer, calendar, tasks, contacts...)
  • dial up numbers out of all views per DTMF oder IR/BT
  • receive datas per IR
  • fonts of all views adjustable
  • battery sound in steps of 10%
  • searchfunction in all views
  • shut down your Pocket PC with only one click
  • exit Windows in XP look and feel

Get access to all your Outlook data with Outlook Center.

Outlook Center


Outlook Center 5.2